Main text of all poems included in “Introduction to Poetry” course in the syllabus of First Year of Department of English, National University, Bangladesh.

Student life in National University of Bangladesh especially, the students who has chosen English literature as their subject, is beset with various troubles. One of them is not getting studying resources easily available. In the beginning of new academic year, we all feel interested toward the new texts of new class. Unfortunately, it’s often takes some time to avail new books at hand. And the more the time prolongs, the more we lose our interest and passion for new text.

So I’ve decided to post all text from syllabus of all four years. I can’t post all text within a night. So it’ll take time and I plead your patience. In the first phrase I’ll be posting all poems included in the first year syllabus of ‘Introduction to Poetry’.

Introduction to Poetry (First Year)

Here is all the 15 poems included in first year syllabus (effective from session 2009-10) Department of English, National University, Bangladesh. Those poems primarily intends introducing student with English poetry from various ages and poets. Click any of the poems to read it. Note that, I’ve only posted main text of the poems. Word meaning, annotation, paraphrase and other materials like questions, answers etc. will be added soon. 

Collection of all fifteen poem included First years in Dept. of English, National university of Bangladesh for the course "Introduction to Poetry"


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